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Bust Magazine

Bust Magazine presents a fierce, funny and female attitude. Each issue of Bust Magazine addresses ..

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Closer magazine features celebrities that Gen Xers grew up watching and focuses on positive stories..

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HOLA! USA - Spanish Version

HOLA! USA - Spanish Version tu revista de celebridades y estilo de vida para disfrutar de los grande..

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter is the industry’s most complete weekly entertainment news and information source...


In Touch Weekly

In Touch Weekly  is fast-paced, picture-driven, and upbeat -- a magazine that instead of focusing on..

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J-14 stands for Just For Teens is an exciting, interesting teen magazine for girls. Features article..

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Life & Style Weekly

Life & Style Weekly  is the first weekly style magazine. This magazine features the latest Holly..

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OK! is a popular culture and entertainment magazine featuring celebrity interviews and photographs, ..

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Star Magazine covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Weekly features ..

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