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417 Magazine

417 Magazine focuses on the best things in 417-land. We cover music, travel, events, dining, enterta..


Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar magazine  is written for the Acoustic Guitar player, maker, and collector and is the..

$83.88 $40.00

American Songwriter

American Songwriter magazine surveys the musical landscape with in-depth interviews with both legend..

$41.94 $19.95

Bass Player

Bass Player is a magazine for serious musicians who play the electric bass and/or acoustic upright b..

$59.40 $20.00


Billboard magazine brings you award winning and in-depth coverage of every aspect of the music and e..

$356.49 $299.00

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar keeps you informed on the music, musicians, and instruments that matter. We share t..

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Double Magazine is a Paris based magazine. It is dedicated to showcasing the newest, freshest and mo..

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Downbeat is edited for student, amateur, and professional musicians and educators seriously involved..

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Drum is the leading magazine for today's young drummers and hand percussionists. Each issue is packe..

$35.96 $24.95

Flute Talk

Flute Talk publishes interviews with professionals in flute-related fields, guides to the interpreta..

$25.00 $18.00

Guitar Player

Guitar Player Magazine is for serious guitarists who want to become better, more informed players. E..

$71.88 $19.00

Guitar World

Guitar World Magazine is a progressive monthly publication written for all guitar players.  Each iss..

$95.88 $19.00

Indie (Austria)

Indie magazine itself is an international, independent style magazine with a focus on fashion, music..

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Instrumentalist is contains practical professional information for school band and orchestra directo..

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Jazz Times

Jazz Times Magazine offers comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the international jazz scene. Incl..

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