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American Journal of Nursing

American Journal of Nursing is the premier professional journal for today's nurse. AJN provides comp..

$84.00 $48.85

Medical Practice Compliance Alert

Medical Practice Compliance Alert bi-weekly newsletter (24 issues) provides authoritative, actionabl..


Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner provides practical, cutting-edge clinical and professional information by experts..


Nursing 2019

Nursing 2019 Magazine is the ultimate source for clinical and professional information, the latest n..

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Nursing 2019 Critical Care

Nursing 2019 Critical Care addresses the info needs of the busy w/straightforward content that dige..

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Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!  has emphasis on breaking down challenging clinical concepts, the ones..


Nursing Management

Nursing Management is the leading source of practical and cutting-edge information for the managemen..