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Approved Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles

Approved Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles Magazine has the fun and relaxing puzzles will provide hours..

$41.00 $21.97

Approved Variety Puzzles

Approved Variety Puzzles Magazine has dozens of variety puzzles such as Crostics, Frameworks, logic ..

$45.00 $24.97

Collector's Crosswords

Collector's Crosswords has 126 Sunday-size puzzles, including many thematic crosswords plus outstand..


Comic Book Creator

COMIC BOOK CREATOR is the new voice of the comics medium, devoted to the work and careers of the me..


Delaware Chess Newsletter

Delaware Chess Newsletter magazine is dedicated to promoting interest in chess, chess clubs and che..


Dell Logic Problems

Logic Lover's Logic Problems - Rated from easy to super-challenging - these 130 pages of Logic Puzzl..

$29.94 $23.97

Dell Math & Logic Problems

Logic Lover's Math & Logic Problems allows you to try your hand at dozens of math puzzles and lo..

$29.94 $23.97

Dell Official Variety Puzzles

Dell Official Variety Puzzles & Word Games Magazine is the largest variety of puzzles & word gam..

$23.94 $21.97

Dell Official Word Search Puzzles

Dell Official Word Search Puzzles provides hours of fun for every member of the family with its huge..

$17.94 $14.97

Dell Original Sudoku

Dell Original Sudoku is the puzzle sensation that's sweeping the nation! Spend minutes learning the ..

$31.97 $26.97

Dell's Easy Fast 'N' Fun Crosswords

Dell's Best Easy Fast 'N' Fun Crosswords are  puzzles at a low level of difficulty. ..


Detective Comics

Detective Comics  is the original Batman comic book. Though regarded by many Gothamites as an 'urban..

$47.88 $29.99

DynaMath 5-6

DynaMath 5-6 get kids excited about math with DynaMath's involving puzzles, games, hands-on activiti..


Easy Fast 'N' Fun Crosswords

Easy Fast 'N' Fun Crosswords is a great magazine for anybody who likes Puzzles, Games & Comics! ..

$23.94 $21.97

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is about a brilliant scientist - his best friend - the women he loves - and her fiery..

$47.88 $29.99