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Boating is dedicated to manufacturers, distributors, and consumers involved in the powerboat industr..

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Boating World

Boating World Magazine is jam-packed with articles on boats/engine tests, watersports, accessories, ..

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Classic Boat

Classic Boat is a UK magazine about restoring and sailing on classic boats, from world-girdling cru..


Cruising World

Cruising World Magazine is edited for those who enjoy cruising and are interested in acquiring new s..

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Kayak Session (France)

Kayak Session - Be reassured that the descriptions you find in the reading of Kayak Session are only..

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Marlin is the only international billfishing magazine that gives keeps you updated on the world's ho..

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Ocean Navigator

Ocean Navigator  is the premier publication offering detailed, technical information to the most ser..

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Power & Motoryacht

Power & Motoryacht is an enthusiast publication, Power & Motoryacht is committed to one topic: power..

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Practical Sailor

Practical Sailor magazine is the independent product test report of sailboats, sailing equipment a..



Sail is the magazine of record on sailing. Editorial content covers the total sailing experience, fe..

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Sailing Today

Sailing Today is the essential monthly magazine for thousands of active cruising sailors whose love ..


Sailing World

Sailing World is the leading source of information on performance sailing technology, technique and ..

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Sea - For over 90 years, Sea Magazine has been dedicated to America's West Coast boating, cruising, ..

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Sea Classics

Sea Classics Magazine - From stately ocean liners to deadly torpedo boats. Features the men, the shi..

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Ships Monthly (UK)

Ships Monthly (UK) magazine is the world’s number one shipping magazine and Britain’s best-selling m..

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