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American Teen (1.5 yr)

Formerly called LaTEEN, we are now called AMERICAN TEEN. The world is yours, young students! Grades,..


Girls Life

Girls Life is the No. 1 magazine for girls 10 to 15. It is packed with advice on friends, family, sc..

$23.94 $19.95

Guide Magazine

Guide magazine is everyone’s favorite story magazine! Juniors and earliteens can’t get enough of t..


Horn Book Magazine

Horn Book Magazine combines an extensive book review section with articles and columns. Strives to e..

$122.00 $76.00


JJ magazine was started in 1975 as an supplement issue of weekly Josei Jishin. It was Japans first w..

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La Teen

LaTeen Magazine for latino teens and teens interested in the hispanic culture in America...


Pageantry Magazine

Pageantry Magazine is must reading for Pageant, Talent, Modeling, participants. It is also important..

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POPEYE is kind of a fashion catalogue for young urban men, especially high-school and university stu..

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Sex Etc

Sex Etc is written by teens, for teens. Honest and accurate sexual health information backed up by p..


Shine Brightly Magazine

SHINE brightly is a magazine for girls ages 9 to 14 published by GEMS Girls' Clubs (Girls Everywhere..

$40.50 $17.95

Sparkle Magazine

Sparkle is an exciting magazine designed especially for girls in the first through third grades. Spa..

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Teen Graffiti

Teen Graffiti offers teenagers the opportunity to publish their creative work & opinions on the issu..

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Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher magazine is filled with tons of youth oriented topics such as; game reviews, advice columns..

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Vivi is a wonderful Japanese fashion magazine gives a comprehensive view of fashion for sophisticate..

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WORLDteen Magazine is designed for pre-teens and young teenagers ages 11-14. WORLDteen editors selec..